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You Must Have an EPK

What is an Epk?

An electronic press kit (EPK) is a professional music resume. It is given to venue talent buyers, promoters, journalists and music supervisors.  They use the EPK to showcase the artist and to provide an insight on what you bring to the table.

Be very careful at the craftsmanship of the EPK because it is critical to your success. The EPK is necessary because it has most, if not all, the information about the artist.  No one wants to have to call around the world to find out information about you.  So, unless you don’t want any press at all, you will need an EPK.  

It does not have to be super fancy, but it should be well thought out and professional.

What should be in the EPK? You want to make sure to put your best three songs at the top and list them in order that you would prefer them to be heard. Use any analytics and feedback that you have that can help you decide which ones that will be included. Also, include photos of the artist or band. If you have album art include that as well. 

Make sure to use hi-resolution photos. Hi-resolution is 300dpi (or higher) and lo-resolution is 72 dpi.  Be sure that they are 600px wide at minimum. Make sure the person creating them has a vertical and horizontal version, so that no matter what device it’s being looked at on it will work.

The biography should include background information about the artist, band or group. Include all relevant information about your songs. Provide the most exciting facts that you can come up with.

Make it engaging, entertaining and informative.  This is your opportunity to make yourself or band look amazing. If you have videos include them.  They provide people is multimedia content to share with your readers. This will help promoters to really look at you for bookings. It will showcase your stage performance and stage presence.

Include links to social media, your website and places to purchase your music. Provide contact information and any past press that you want to include.

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